Aston Martin is bidding farewell to the current-gen DBS with its hottest and most powerful variant yet, the DBS 770 Ultimate. Limited to just 499 units – all spoken for sadly – the DBS 770 isn’t just the most powerful DBS but also Aston’s most powerful production road car to date. The 770 gets a number of upgrades both on the surface and under the skin aimed at improving performance across multiple parameters.

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The DBS 770 Ultimate gets part of its name from the engine. The twin-turbo 5.2-litre V12 has been uprated to produce 759 bhp (770PS hence the name) and 900 Nm of torque. Aston says peak torque is available as low as 1,800 rpm with power fed to the rear wheels via an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox. Changes to the engine over the standard V12 DBS include modification to the air and ignition pathways along with a 7 per cent increase in turbo boost pressure. The gearbox itself too has been recalibrated specifically for this run-out special edition with faster shift times.

Further changes under the skin come in the form of a new solid-mounted steering column for greater feedback, increased lateral stiffness at the front end and increased torsional stiffness at the rear. The adaptive suspension set-up too has been given bespoke tuning to offer greater composure and handling while not adversely affecting the ride.

Coming to cosmetics, the DBS 770 gets a revised front bumper with a new splitter and larger side vents for improved air-flow into the engine. The bonnet features a large horse-shoe vent – similar to the V12 Vantage – to help extricate heat from the engine-bay. Moving further back, the DBS 770 gets new carbon fibre side sills along with the use of the material in the cantrails and windshield surround. Round the back the rear bumper has been redesigned with a more prominent splitter to optimise aerodynamics. Rounding out the styling are unique 21-inch alloy wheels exclusive to the 770.

Coming to the interior, the DBS 770 gets some additional kit and trimmings to stand out from the regular DBS. The cabin while identical to the standard model in terms of design does come with Sport Plus seats and carbon fibre paddle shifters as standard along with the use of bespoke trimming and the use of DBS 770 Ultimate logos around the cabin. Buyers also get a range of options to spec up their car via Aston Martin’s Q bespoke division.

The DBS 770 Ultimate goes into production later this quarter with Aston manufacturing 300 coupes and 199 Volantes (convertibles). All units have already been booked by customers with deliveries to commence in the third quarter of 2023.