After 100 days of war in Ukraine, tough questions for foreign ministers

After 100 days of fighting in Ukraine, the tough questions of war and peace are becoming increasingly difficult to answer.

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But there were clear post-mortems – and calls for action – from Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie and her Lithuanian counterpart at Toronto Metropolitan University, as they compared notes on how Western allies might counter an increasingly volatile global dynamic.

Canada should do its best, and will launch new counterattacks against the Russian aggression, Jolie told the Democracy Forum at TMU that I moderated on Friday.


“I will soon have new sanctions to announce,” said Jolie, blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for the devastation of the war in Ukraine – but his reckless gamble of rendering other poor countries by blocking vital food shipments. Too.

With thousands of lives lost and more than seven million displaced, the toll in human security, food security and energy security will only get worse. This puts an…