San, Olisa Agbakoba has asked all service chiefs in the country to respectfully resign. He advised service chiefs, including the Inspector General of Police, the head of the military apparatus and the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), to resign because of poor performance.

His advice comes as he sets the agenda for President Tinubu.

Speaking on Arise Television on Wednesday, the former president of the Nigeria Bar Association insisted that changing the service chiefs was the first step in reorganizing the country’s security infrastructure and repositioning it to address most of the security challenges that characterized the former eight years. The best way to. Government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“I would say all service chiefs should resign honorably – all of them – including the IGP of police. They have not done well. President Tinubu cannot go on with these service chiefs.

“We need to build a new security architecture. We need to change the security infrastructure, we need to change military doctrine, and we need to now consider the doctrine of irregular warfare,” Agbakoba said.

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He identified the fractured national unity as a challenge that the President must work hard and intelligently to address.

“The country is so divided that nothing can happen without the effort of President Tinubu to unite the Nigerian people. And I would suggest that he call a meeting of the sub-nationalities of Nigeria, the Afeniferes and Ohanejes, because these people Ethnic sub-nationalities have a very strong hold,” Agbakoba said. “If it happens and it’s successful, now it gives the go-ahead for him to start some big programs.”

He advised the President to use a different approach to fight insurgency and separatist movement in the North West from bandits, IPOB, and other banned groups in the country.

He said, “Another issue will be related to the economy. There is no money. The debt to revenue ratio is terrible; We earn N100 and spend that amount to repay the loan. That’s why he can’t do anything. So soon it will have to look at how to generate revenue.

He made reference to the Apapa port which according to him, generates about N20 billion every day yet the place is abandoned.

He said, “I would like to see the president send an emergency regeneration bill for Appa to the Senate.” “It may cost N10 billion to N15 billion, but it will be worth it because we get a lot of money from Appa.”

He also said that there should be legislation to ensure “speedy completion of several monolithic projects” so that they can start bringing in money for the country.

He urged the President to make the maritime economy an important part of his agenda and appoint a minister for maritime affairs.

He lambasted the country for neglecting the maritime industry, saying that outside the oil and gas sector, the maritime industry is the country’s second largest industry. A situation that demands special attention with the appointment of a Marine Minister.

He also complained about the size of the government and insisted that the country’s anti-corruption process should be revisited because, according to him, it has become a vast form of corruption. He urged the President to relieve the EFCC chairman from his job.

“What he is doing is not attracting the confidence of the people; He needs to go,” he said.

He also said that “all those who took part in the previous government should step down.”

He also suggested that Babatunde Raji Fashola, former Minister of Works and Housing, be made the new Attorney General of Nigeria, as he has the intellectual capacity to handle the complexities of that office.

He advised that the best hand should be found to help the President realize his vision for the country.