As Queen Elizabeth has ruled Britain for 70 years, Britannia once ruled the waves

P is for pomp.

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With the United Kingdom in full swing this week of Jubilee – thousands of street parties and similar hoardings that mark Her Majesty’s 70-year milestone in the four-day “Bank Holiday” period – the spotlight is on a non-stop. Universal descends entirely on age group. immutable and impenetrable. The proverb rock A living, breathing figure of history.

But as much as royal anniversaries, even such a record-breaking one, revolve around one personality—in this case Queen Elizabeth II—they’re quite clear to us. sand of time The burden of the past The way we mark the years, really. Which got me thinking of a place the other day, at least in the Windsor-y fantasy, where time was literally still and that would be inside the Royal Yacht Britannia. There, the clocks read at 3:01, now and forever. When the Queen last stepped off the ship — at 3:01 p.m., December 11, 1997 — when Britannia was oh-so-famously dropped.


The yacht,…