As Queen’s Platinum Jubilee wraps, governors general reflect on ‘important time’

As the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations enter its final day, Governor General Mary Simon says the occasion highlights the need to reflect on a “critical time” in Canadian history.

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“This is a very important time in our history. It is really important for him to see that he is greatly appreciated. The crowd in London has been overwhelming,” said Simon, Canada’s first Indigenous governor general.

she sat down Granthshala nationalDawna Frisson on Saturday at the Canadian High Commission in London, Britain, from where tens of thousands danced up and down The Mall for a massive jubilee party that night.


And as it turns out, Simon says she was among them.

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“Yeah, absolutely,” she said when asked if she was going to the concert outside Buckingham Palace. “I am there for the party as well as for the work.”

Simon, who is Inuk, was sworn in as governor general in July 2021 and met the Queen for the first time earlier this…