Ask a Mechanic: Wire fatigue is likely source of trunk problem

Dear ask a mechanic,

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A few weeks ago, in my 2013 Cadillac CTS for trunk release both the remote button and switch stopped working. I checked the fuses, which are in the panel, and it was fine. When I found out that the release was built into the trunk’s latch I replaced it with a new part, but it still doesn’t work. I can open my trunk now only by pulling the emergency release handle. What am I missing?

trunk trouble


Looking at your vehicle’s wiring diagram, your Cadillac’s trunk release system is comprised of several components, including the remote control door lock receiver, body control module, and a relay in the same rear fuse block that you checked. (Hopefully you checked the fuse with a test light to verify power on both pins. I’ve been fooled by the fuses that appeared fine but weren’t.)

A quick check you can do is to see if pressing the button on the trunk release switch, or fob, triggers a response from the relay. It should make a…