Brampton city council approves $2.5M in funding for Sheridan College

Sheridan College is set to receive a $2.5M grant over two years for a new Center for Healthy Communities located on the Davis Campus in Brampton. The decision was confirmed during the Brampton City Council regular meeting on 1 June. unanimous approval by the committee of the council on Wednesday, May 25.

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sheridan They say The new center will train the next generation of nurses and allied health professionals in Brampton to help support the city’s needs and provide “culturally competent care.”

The funding will be used for the planning and community consultation phase of the project and is in addition to Sheridan’s $20M investment for this phase.


“The City of Brampton is dedicated to strengthening our local health care system that fosters local talent, fosters economic growth and meets the needs of our residents. This is in line with Sheridan College’s new Center for Healthy Communities. The commitment will help attract and retain jobs and…