California woman finds $36K inside free Craigslist couch

A California woman found US$36,000 hidden in sofa cushions she got from Craigslist for free, but what she decided to do with the money left people divided.

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Vicky Umodu, who lives in San Bernardino County, told ABC News that he had just moved to a new place and made a set of free sofas From a nearby family that was liquidating the property of a recently killed relative.

She said she was inspecting her new furniture when she found something that felt like a heating pad inside a cushion.


“I was so excited, I was screaming, ‘It’s money!,’” Umodu told KKTV the moment he unbuttoned the cushion cover and Many envelopes filled with bills were found inside,

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Instead of keeping the money with him, he said that he immediately returned it to its rightful owners.

“God have mercy on me and my children, they are all alive and well. I have three beautiful grandchildren, so what can i ever ask god?” he told ABC.