Canada’s ban on handgun sales might be bigger news in the U.S.

WASHINGTON—When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced new gun control measures for Canada in the wake of two mass shootings in the US late last month, it was a fair bet that he was in the limelight.

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And that certainly got them in America, where their “freeze” on handgun sales and mandatory buybacks for “assault-style” firearms have been alternatively declared as a common-sense move by American Republicans very maliciously. are ready to take from and are pilloried as authoritarian steps US Democrats secretly want to take.

Since Barack Obama left the White House, Trudeau has served America as the celebrity face for a certain kind of self-righteous progressive liberalism, both to the left and the angry right. Imports of Trudeau clickbait for this purpose have barely slowed since the election of President Joe Biden, who may be too old and too compulsively liberal to serve as a satisfactory domestic replacement.


As is often the case with this…