Car theft in Toronto is up 60 per cent. Here are four ways to make sure your car isn’t next


While Barbosa may never know what happened to his car, stolen vehicles have increased and “re-winded,” says Brian Gast, vice president of investigative services at the Aquite Association, a nonprofit. Organization that focuses on reducing. and preventing insurance fraud and crime.

Gast says the thieves replace the vehicle identification number (VIN) with a fake one and sell the car to unsuspecting customers.

“With supply-chain issues, it’s something that is growing and moving upwards,” says Gast. He said that vehicles for export are also being stolen.

So, can you do anything to prevent your vehicle from getting pinched?

Most of the time it is a crime of opportunity, says Nadia Matos, media and public relations consultant at CAA Club Group. To prevent theft, you want to make your vehicle less attractive as a target. But, eventually, if a thief wants your car, they will find a way to do so.

Here are some expert tips for slowing down car thieves:

be careful…