What a cat-astrophe.

A kitty litter shortage is sweeping the nation as Clorox — maker of three popular brands, Fresh Step, Scoop Away and Ever Clean — suffers the fallout from a cybersecurity attack, forcing feline lovers to think outside the box.

The messy business was first discovered in mid-August, and has resulted in severe supply chain issues, according to The Washington Post.

In some cases, Clorox had to start taking orders manually, because the damage done to their internal systems caused severe hiccups and delays in processing orders, according to NBC.

And although Clorox expects to transition back to normal order processing next week, they aren’t sure how fast they’ll be able to catch up on the fulfillment and operation sides — leaving consumers pawing for alternatives in the meantime.

Photo of Scoop Away cat litter.
There’s a cat litter shortage happening right now.

Photo of Fresh Step cat litter.
Fresh Step, Scoop Away and Ever Clean cat litter are all made by Clorox, which is why they may be a bit harder to track down these days.

Cat litter scoop on a white background.
Clorox, the parent brand of some of these cat litters, has been suffering from a cybersecurity attack.

But changing your cat litter midstream can be difficult for your furry friend, according to Petbarn, possibly leaving them confused to the point where they stop relieving themselves in the designated area.

Whitney Miller, Petco’s chief veterinarian, told The Washington Post it’s important to choose a new litter as similar as possible to the old one.

Kate Benjamin, author of bestsellers “Catification” and “Catify to Satisfy,” also told The Washington Post that it’s wise to slowly introduce new cat litter gradually.

She recommended that those running low on Fresh Step, Scoop Away or Ever Clean should start mixing the old stock in with the new, more widely-available litter to help their precious pet adjust.

“Hopefully, they will associate the new litter with the preferred litter,” she told the outlet.

Photo of cat litter in a blue tray.
Some experts have advised not to change your cat’s litter type suddenly.

Photo of cat litter being poured into a yellow container.
The attack was first discovered in mid-August, and as a result, the company took their systems offline.

The Post reached out to Clorox for comment.

The shortage is only the latest affront to kitties everywhere. Animal experts are also currently warning against a ‘torturous’ TikTok trend that leaves cats in extreme distress.

The trend involves puss-puss parents spinning their animals around in circles while filming.

“At no point should an animal deliberately be put in a position to feel fear, anxiety, frustration or experience pain for the benefit of human entertainment,” Daniel Warren-Cummings, a behavior officer at a UK-based cat charity, told Metro.