Daily gas price check: Toronto gas prices shatter records and will keep climbing this week, warns expert

The average gas price in Ontario on Monday is 210.5 cents a liter, up from Sunday’s average of 209.6, last month’s average of 189.6 and last year’s average of 129.4. st per liter as per Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).

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Ontario drivers continue to see eye-watering prices at the pumps, while record-breaking gas prices in Canada have driven up consumer goods and food prices, and affected the way people live.

Analysts say higher prices coupled with a jump in Canada’s inflation rate, which reached 6.7 percent in March – the fastest increase in more than 30 years, has hurt consumer sentiment.


GTA. Average gas prices in

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Here’s How We Compare to the Rest of Canada

The average price of gas in Canada is 204.6 cents per liter.

The lowest gas prices in Alberta are Where prices 179.5 . Huh st per litre. Gas prices are the highest in BC at 222.5 cents a liter.

how did we get here

In January, gas prices across the country began to…