DeSantis aide stirs confusion about American flag history after campaign teaser video

On Tuesday evening, with her husband on the verge of entering the presidential campaign, Florida first lady Casey DeSantis tweeted a campaign-style video of Governor Ron DeSantis walking toward an American flag and called it “America worth fighting for.” is” captioned with the words. , Everyone. Lonely. Time.”

The video served as a teaser for Mr. DeSantis’ campaign announcement. But the placement of the flag in it sparked an online discussion about flag etiquette and American vexillological history, which left an aide of Mr. DeSantis open to ridicule for gaps in his knowledge.

After Ms. DeSantis tweeted the campaign-style video, Donald Trump adviser and veteran Chris LaVitta tweeted, “That is. In the future if you use [the flag] As a background … is it positioned correctly.

Mr. LaCivita appeared to take issue with the fact that the stars on the flag were in the top right corner instead of the top left corner in the video and included an image of the flag with 15 stars, which he said replaced the star. Was inspired by – The Star-studded Ensign.

For some Mr. Lakivita’s criticism was mitigated by the fact that Mr. DeSantis was standing behind the flag in the video, meaning that the flag was correctly placed for viewers facing it from the front. This was not lost on Christina Pussau, a campaign aide of Mr. DeSantis.

Ms. Pushaw wrote in response to Mr. LaVitta, “Considering that he is standing backstage in this shot, the flag is indeed placed correctly.” “Now I’m curious about the meaning of this 15 stars and 15 stripes flag. Never seen it before. Does Liberia now have 14 colonies?”

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Several Twitter users pointed out Ms Pussaw’s apparent lack of knowledge about the flag that inspired the Star-Spangled Banner.

The flag of Liberia, meanwhile, is based on the US flag, but with just one star representing its status as the first independent republic on the African continent, rather than multiple stars representing the various American states. Liberia declared its independence in the mid-nineteenth century by a collection of peoples including former slaves from the Americas and the Caribbean.

Independent Mr. DeSantis’ campaign has been reached for comment.

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