Social media is filled with videos captured by divers that show their adventures underwater, and this interesting clip is one such example. It shows a diver’s unusual interaction with a fish. The video captures the tiny fish swimming inside a man’s mouth.

The image shows a fish inside a diver’s mouth. (Instagram/@noa_7269)
The image shows a fish inside a diver’s mouth. (Instagram/@noa_7269)

Instagram user and video creator @noa_7269 shared the video along with a caption in Japanese. When translated into English, it says that the fish is “The cleaner of the sea.” The caption also goes on to add that as long as you stay still, the fish will come and clean your teeth for you. The post is complete with a series of emoticons, including heart emojis.

The video opens to show the diver standing still underwater. His mouth is open and a fish is seen swimming inside. The video shows how the fish gets close to his teeth and nibbles on them. It ends with the aquatic creature floating inside the man’s mouth.

Take a look at this video of the diver’s interaction with the fish:

The video was posted on July 7. Since being posted, the clip has gone crazy viral. Till now, the video has accumulated more than 62 million views, and the numbers are still increasing. Additionally, the share has also received several likes and comments from people.

What did Instagram users say about this diver’s video?

“Doctor fish is so cute,” shared an Instagram user. “This is hilarious and awesome,” posted another. “Bro, you crazy?” asked a third. “Simply amazing,” expressed a fourth. “I don’t know how I feel about this!” commented a fifth. “Beautiful,” wrote a sixth.

The comments section of the video is also filled with shocked and laughing out loud emoticons. A few netizens showed their reactions through hilarious GIFs.