Donald Trump Jr. and George Santos ridiculed DeSantis for 2024 launch on Twitter

Donald Trump Jr. and George Santos mock Ron DeSantis as the presidential announcement of his Twitter space with Elon Musk crashes with technical issues.

The Twitter event, which began at 6 p.m. ET, plunged into chaos when technical issues hit and the audio dropped almost immediately.

David Sachs, one of the event’s moderators, said the sheer number of participants was “melting down the servers”.

Donald Trump Jr., the one-term president’s eldest son, took to Twitter to ridicule his father’s main rival for the GOP presidential nomination, branding the start of the campaign a “disaster.”

Meanwhile, Santos, a Republican congressman from New York facing federal charges of fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds and perjury, also joined in the fun.

“Twitter is crashing! LOL,” tweeted the upset MP.

After 21 minutes of difficulties, the program managed to start and Mr. DeSantis had the opportunity to launch his campaign late.

“This is such a train wreck,” tweeted Rick Wilson, founder of the Lincoln Project, as he addressed the event’s participants in “a small, grumpy clapping and whispering.”

Tom Nichols, a staff writer the AtlanticAlso condemned the incident.

“Ok I’m out, I can’t listen to three angry rich white men ranting about how unfair the world is to them,” he tweeted.

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