Elon Musk is threatening to walk away from US$44B Twitter deal. Here’s why

Elon Musk is threatening to walk away from his US$44 billion bid to buy Twitter, accusing the company of refusing to provide information about his spam bot accounts.

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Lawyers for the Tesla and SpaceX CEOs made the threat in a letter to Twitter on Monday. That letter was included in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission from Twitter.

The letter said that Musk has repeatedly sought information from May 9, about a month after his offer to buy the company, so that he can evaluate how many of the company’s 229 million accounts are bogus.


Shares of Twitter Inc. fell more than four percent on Monday, likely due to Twitter shareholders, who filed a lawsuit against Musk late last month for undercutting the stock’s price. Twitter shares have fallen 23 per cent in the past month.

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A message was left early Monday seeking comment from Twitter.

The lawyers said in the letter that Twitter only offered to provide details about the…