English Montreal School Board combats disinformation and racism on UN Day of Peace

On the United Nations International Day of Peace, 15 students from Rosemount High School are taking part in a first-of-its-kind workshop. They are helping to develop an international learning session to combat the propaganda and racism present in their daily lives.

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“Today’s youth are consuming almost six times the amount of media that their grandparents did at the rate, which is not even a number,” said workshop facilitator Ryan McHugh.

The session is hosted by the International Forum on Peace, Security and Prosperity, a non-profit corporation dedicated to educating youth by promoting world peace.


“We are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals for the United Nations, which is about how do we bring up youth, how do we combat racism, how do we build a peaceful society?” John Hannan, Director of the International Forum on Peace, Security and Prosperity, International Partnerships.

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The practical session encourages…

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