EPL: Chelsea’s Mudrik under fire over Instagram video

Chelsea forward Mykhailo Mudrik has come under fire after he uploaded a video to Instagram of an elderly man working out in the gym.

The Ukrainian in the clip, which he shared via his story Reel, featured a man on a rowing machine, but his shorts were pixelated, suggesting that they had slid down while he was exercising.

Mudrik, who joined the Blues in January, posted the video on his account and was criticized by social media influencer Joy Swell,

The man, who boasts more than 600,000 followers on Twitter, describes himself as the “CEO of gym positivity.”

“So you see that guy in the gym, working hard, trying to better himself with the trainer,” Swallow said in a response video on Twitter.

“She’s in an embarrassing position, yes, she’s a little exposed. And you decide: ‘Hey, let me take a video of this to post on social media to make fun of her’, to get everyone’s attention . Really? What’s wrong with you?”

‘You are a professional footballer, you play for Chelsea in the Premier League! Is this really how you want to represent yourself and your team?

‘You should at least mind your own business or tell his trainer, let his trainer help him?

‘What you don’t do is post a video online for millions of people to see and make fun of this man. The fact is you don’t know better, or want to set a better example as a professional athlete.

EPL: Chelsea’s Mudrik under fire over Instagram video


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