Experts blame quack doctors, poor prenatal care for obstetric fistula disease

As the world celebrates International Obstetric Fistula Day, some medical experts have warned pregnant women in Abia State against patronizing quack birth attendants.

Medical experts warned in Umuahia during this year’s event to mark the war against obstetric fistula disease in women and girls.

Obstetricians advised pregnant women to patronize only government recognized and well equipped hospitals to deliver their babies.

Addressing the pregnant women, Mrs. Ndubusi Onyenaturuchi and Dr. Bena-Angela Arisaiobi warned to always seek medical advice from certified and qualified doctors, nurses and midwives to avoid the risks of developing obstetric fistula disease.

They also blamed a lack of prenatal care and the failure of pregnant women to access or keep prenatal appointments with their doctors as other factors contributing to obstetric complications.

Experts describe obstetric fistula as one of the biggest medical problems facing women in developing countries such as Nigeria, adding that women in rural areas where rates of poverty and illiteracy are high are more likely to develop it. The risk remains high.

The medical problem develops during prolonged or difficult labor, she said, especially where the woman does not have access to timely or high-quality medical treatment, noting that it can also happen when the baby is stillborn. Birth injuries are not managed properly.

“This is one of the most tragic childbirth injuries. It is a hole in the birth canal or between the bladder and rectum.

This is due to prolonged or obstructed labor without access to timely, high-quality medical treatment.

“Patients can have foul-smelling discharge, problems with the purse or blood when they go to the toilet,” Dr Arisaobi said.

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He advised pregnant women to maintain their antenatal appointments with qualified doctors and government-equipped health centers during the entire period of their pregnancy and avoid the services of quacks birth attendants.

Arisaiobi further advised any woman with symptoms to seek specialist hospital treatment and to avoid self-medication, as doing so could worsen the problem.

The speakers appreciated the efforts of the federal and state governments and also various international bodies for keeping up the war against obstetric fistula.

Experts blame quack doctors, poor prenatal care for obstetric fistula disease

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