Fetuses smile for carrots but frown for kale, new ultrasound study finds

Children (and adults) often struggle to eat their leafy greens, but a new study out of the UK suggests that taste preference may develop long before childhood.

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Published this month, a study of 100 pregnant women looked at How embryos react to taste in real time.

Using ultrasound technology, researchers in England examined the facial reactions of fetuses exposed to both carrot and kale flavors. Embryos exposed to carrots are seen smiling or laughing, while babies exposed to kale are seen barking or barking.

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Researchers divided pregnant women into three groups: 35 women who consumed a capsule equivalent to a medium-sized carrot, 34 women consumed a capsule equivalent to 100 grams of kale, and 30 women who did not have one.

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Powdered versions of foods in capsule form were used during the study to prevent dilution of the vegetable flavor in the mother’s body. (One of the researchers also noted that many women…

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