Five things Doug Ford’s election win might mean for housing

Exclusion zoning, transit-oriented communities, streamlining development approvals, attracting more skilled labor and ministerial zoning orders.

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These are among the key issues that housing experts say should or will be front and center for the re-elected PC government of Premier Doug Ford.

David Wilkes, President and CEO of the Building Industry and Land Development Association, says, “With the election victory we have seen tremendous support for (the government’s) commitment to building 1.5 million more homes over the next 10 years to address the housing capacity crisis.” saw.” BILD), which works with the government on issues affecting development, building and home ownership in GTA.


These are the five major issues facing the new government:

exclusion zoning

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A provincial government task force report this year identified exclusion zoning, which leads to large areas in cities that allow only single-family homes, and more…