Goats from different zoos with a distance equal to the circumference of the world have to fight in a fundraising challenge.

London Zoo’s herd of nine pygmy goats hope to put their best foot forward against Whipsnade Zoo’s golden Guernsey goat pair as part of the new Around the World ZSL in 30 days challenge.

The month-long event, which began on June 1, will see participants herding goats, walk, cycle or swim a combined 40,075 km – a distance equivalent to the circumference of the globe.

The money raised will go towards funding ZSL’s conservation work globally.

“The pygmy goats – which can reach a top speed of 6kmph – love their daily walks through London Zoo, and I’m confident we can cover some impressive ground this June”, London Zoo keeper Poppy Jewel said.

“The challenge will be to keep all nine of them in mind and all going in the same direction.”

Despite being the only two antagonists from Whipsnade Zoo, Betty and Doris are not to be underestimated.

“Their numbers may be down, but Betty and Doris have the advantage of long legs and a top speed of 8km per hour – so they are definitely still contenders”, said Alex Pinnell, keeper of Whipsnade Zoo.

Animal lovers can follow along on the goats’ journey by tracking their progress at https://aroundtheworld.zsl.org/.

People are encouraged to build their own Around the World in 30 Days target by signing up for the challenge and donating, if possible, to support the charity’s work to preserve wildlife .