Handgun smuggling still a concern as Liberals move to freeze weapon

As liberals move to ban the sale of handguns in Canada, some are questioning how well, given the smuggling of guns from one of the world’s largest sources of personal firearms south of the border, how to prevent gun violence. How effective will it be?

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Gun expert and author AJ Somerset said the US-Canada border is “porous” and smuggling of small items would be very difficult to stop, but that liberal legal arms hoarding could boost the arms black market.

“The illegal handgun market is going to be resilient,” he said. “If we cut off a potential supply of stolen handguns …

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In 2020, Toronto police say they confiscated 663 guns illegally and suspected to be used or used in a crime, or have a destroyed serial number. About 318 were classified as prohibited, meaning they were illegal to buy or possess in Canada and have the potential to be smuggled into the country.

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In April, the Canada Border Services…