Jacob Hoggard trial exposes misconceptions about consent: experts

Toronto-Canadian musician Jacob Hogard’s sexual assault trial turns up a central issue: consent.

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The Headley frontman was found guilty on Sunday of causing bodily harm in a sexual assault count against one of the two complainants, but was acquitted of the same charge as well as one count of sexual interference involving a teenage fan. was done.

Observers say that at the heart of the proceedings was a conflict of consent, as is often the case in sexual assault lawsuits.


Crown accused Hogard of violently and repeatedly raping a teenage fan and a young Ottawa woman in separate incidents in the fall of 2016, while defense argued that the sexual encounters were consensual.

High-profile cases like Hoggard have the power to shape our understanding of consent, lawyers and advocates say, exposing harmful misconceptions that pervade the courts and society at large.

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