Jean Charest says he signed up enough Conservative members to win

Jean Charest’s campaign said it had signed on enough new and lapsed members to win the Conservative leadership vote on 10 September.

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They will not say how many members there are.

Charest’s campaign issued a press release Friday afternoon – the last day the Conservative leadership campaigns had to sign up eligible members to vote in the race – saying the former Quebec premier “has the points he needs to win”.


“It’s a far cry from the coronation that many were expecting at the start of this race,” said Mike Coates, Charest’s campaign co-chair, referring to alleged pioneer Pierre Poiliver.

“It is now confirmed that there will be no winner on the first ballot,” Coates said.

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Asked for clarification on their subscription sales, Charest spokeswoman Michelle Coates-Mathor said, “It’s not about membership sales numbers.”

“It’s about efficiency of support and entering new rides to…