Jury heads into sixth day of deliberations at sex assault trial of Hedley’s Jacob Hoggard

After twice telling a judge that they were impassioned on “something that matters”, and being urged to continue, the jury deliberated whether Headley frontman Jacob Hogard had been a juvenile fan. and raped the young woman in 2016, spending much of Saturday rehearsing the testimony of both complainants. ,

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Hoggard, 37, has been charged with two counts of sexual assault, causing bodily harm and sexual touch to a minor. The identities of both women are covered by a publication ban available to sexual harassment complainants.

Hoggard, 16, violently thrashes a 15-year-old fan backstage after a Headley concert at the Air Canada Center (now the Scotiabank Arena) in April 2016 and, then, a 16-year-old fan in a hotel room near Pearson accused of rape. airport in September 2016. He is also accused of violently raping a young Ottawa woman in a hotel room in downtown Toronto.


The jury is allowed to consider whether there are similarities in the evidence of…