‘Large bang’ heard in London’s Trafalgar Square as police detonate suspicious vehicle

There was a “big explosion” in the air in London’s Trafalgar Square on Saturday morning during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend – but police say it was a “controlled” explosion.

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Granthshala news crews were at the scene when the explosion occurred near Canada House, which is Canada’s High Commission in the UK

Trafalgar Square is part of the area where thousands of people gathered for the Trooping the Color parade, marking the Queen’s official birthday two days ago.


It is connected to Buckingham Palace by The Mall.

“It was suspicious and we put a controlled explosion on it. So please don’t panic. You heard a bang, it was not necessarily a device but we have to do it that way. So that was what the big bang was.” said an officer of the London Metropolitan Police, who spoke briefly with reporters at the scene.

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“It was a vehicle.”

It is not yet clear what the police suspected about the…