LIVE ELECTION MAP: What’s happening now in Guelph?

It’s provincial election night in Guelph. View live results here.

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Below you can search for your local riding to see live election results for them. Below the map, you can find out what’s going on with each local candidate.


Voters will cast their vote today, June 2, to vote in the 2022 provincial election. Here’s what you need to know about riding Guelph.

On election day, voters will have 12 hours to cast their vote at polling stations during their ride. Voting will open at 9 am on Thursday and close at 9 pm

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Registered voters should receive a Voter Information Card in the mail. The card indicates when and where one can vote. To be eligible to vote in a provincial election, a person must be a Canadian citizen, a resident of Ontario, and at least 18 years old on election day.

Those on the Election Ontario permanent voter list must have received a voter information card in the mail between May 12 and May 20; People going to vote have…