Md Tiamiyu: The girls of Arise TV will meet their Waterloo – Dabiri-Erewa Blow Hot

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Nigerian in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), Abike Dabiri-Erewa has attacked the girls of Arise TV saying they will meet their Waterloo.

A Arise TV anchor, Ayo Mairo-S, reacting to Md Tiamiyu’s comment that Nigerian youths were using the students’ route as escapade youths, said “I Don’t know why Nigerians like to demarket Nigerians on the international scene.

“Take it back to 2016, our President referred to Nigerian youths as largely lazy. And the United Kingdom should not give them asylum as many of them are criminals.

“The chairman of NiDCOM, Dabiri also referred to Nigerians as farmers and drug dealers. So what Amy Tiamieu has said is in line with what our leaders have said.”

But an enraged Dabiri-Erewa lashed out at Myro-S for tarnishing his reputation, which he said he had built up over the years.

He added that if women are not even close to his age and achievements, he thinks the only way to let someone down is by talking nonsense, they will meet their Waterloo,

Dabiri-Erewa called on the founder of Arise TV, Nduka Obagebena to bring these girls to order as they are ruining the broadcasting profession.

She tweeted: “I worked hard to get where I am today, and if women don’t care about your age and achievements, the only way to bring you down is bullshit, they’ll meet their Waterloo !Nduka Obaigbena told these girls @ARISEtv to order.The broadcasting is ruining the profession.

Tiamieu said in an interview with the BBC that the student path was more like an answered prayer.

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He said, “It is a large section that is able to take in a lot of people, ordinary people. We are beginning to see that a lot of people hide behind scholarships. So the students are not genuine, it is not that They need degrees.”

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