Moonbean Coffee has been waking up Kensington Market for nearly 30 years

“This place is amazing. That’s why I come here at least once a day.”

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steve is sitting on raiman Moonbean Coffee Company’s sun-drenched patio. He works at the music studio Kensington Sound just around the corner. Baldwin Street and has been a frequent visitor since the cafe opened in 1995.

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So, what makes Moonbean at 30 St Andrew St, along with Kensington and Spadina, stand out from the many coffee shops?

“First of all, it comes down to quality coffee,” Raiman says, adding how he likes the blends from Peru and Papua New Guinea. “And second, Moonbean is like going to someone’s house. It’s always so welcoming. ,

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Kwang Kim, another longtime customer, drives to Moonbean every day from her home in Queen and Bathurst (no exaggeration) to enjoy a cup of coffee in the spacious courtyard for the past 10 years, which…