N.B. doctor tackles footwear affordability for kids by starting own shoe company

Dr. Maryse Tadros, a family doctor by profession, discovered for the first time how quickly children grow their shoes and how expensive it is to replace them with a durable pair.

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So she set out to do something about it. He started a company called Chameleon Shoes.

Tadros, who has three young children, said the company was started in February after one of his children pierced his winter boots. She went looking for a new pair but many stores had already transitioned to summer shoes.


After an online search, she said a durable pair was worth over $50.

“There must be a better way to do this,” she recalled in an interview on Monday. “I know they’re going to wear all sizes, there just has to be a way to buy all sizes because they’re small because you know you’re going to need them all.”

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The company has different kits that include a hanging organizer and six pairs of gender-neutral rainbow-colored shoes….