N.S. mass killer slipped by Truro police in nine-minute journey on Day 2 of rampage

A mass murderer in a replica police vehicle was able to drive through the largest Nova Scotia city surrounding his murders, being tripped over by local constables, who had obtained details of the fake car an hour earlier.

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Killer evades RCMP after shooting two women on a street near Debert, NS and enters Truro on the morning of April 19, 2020 – the second day of a stampede that killed 22 people in 13 hours .

According to a summary provided by a public inquiry on Monday, the gunman entered the city around 10:11 a.m. and passed within the block of two local officers nine minutes later.


The document notes that Cpl. Edwin Cormier of Truro Police Service was on duty at the time, supervising constables Dan Taylor, Jason Reeves and Thomas Whidan.

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It also says RCMP Staff Sgt. Bruce Brears contacted Cormier to inform him that the killer was in “a completely marked up, new model…looks like a Ford,” in a replica RCMP vehicle. By then the…