New firearm legislation not ‘full-proof’ end to gun violence: Mendicino

Canada’s minister of public safety has urged parliament to pass a new firearms law that seeks to ban handguns nationwide, but said it is a “full-proof strategy” to end gun violence in the country. Not there.

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Speaking in Surrey, British Columbia, Marco Mendicino urged lawmakers to pass Bill C-21 “as soon as possible” to prevent future gun-related deaths in Canada.

“The problem is urgent. The problem is of national importance and we need to ensure that we get this bill passed at the earliest.


The federal government on Monday introduced new legislation that aims to block the buying, selling, importing and trading of handguns nationwide. The law replaces the previous version of Bill C-21 which expired at the time of last year’s election. This did not include a nationwide ban on handguns.

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Describing the bill as a “milestone” step and part of a broader strategy, Mendicino acknowledged that it would not solve all of…