Nikki Haley’s anti-trans attack on Dylan Mulvaney fails at New Hampshire GOP event

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s anti-trans attack on Dylan Mulvaney flopped during a New Hampshire campaign event, reports say.

The crowd refused to clap at a “Politics and Eggs” event at Saint Anselm College as the former South Carolina governor tried to make a right-wing point.

“What Everyone Knows About Dylan Mulvaney?” Ms. Haley asked. “Kala Prakash? He is a boy, dressed as a girl, making fun of women,” Ms. Haley did not respond. informed of the daily beast,

Ms Mulvaney, a transgender influencer, was the target of disparaging right-wing attacks after she partnered with Budweiser to promote Bud Light.

“It was met with silence, not anti-transgender broadside applause. The voters in the room appeared largely oblivious to the Bud Light controversy. When Haley waited for applause, she didn’t clap,” reported the outlet.

Ms Haley also received a muted response from the crowd when she told them she was “overwhelmingly pro-life”.

The former US ambassador to the United Nations was later asked whether she would support a national abortion ban as president, but acknowledged that the GOP was unlikely to get the necessary 60 votes in the US Senate.

Nikki Haley takes a photo with a supporter after a town hall event at an American Legion center in Laconia, New Hampshire, in April

(AFP via Getty Images)

“We probably have 45 pro-life senators,” he said, adding that Republicans could add “one or two” more after the 2024 election.

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But she acknowledged that she “can’t suddenly change my pro-life decision because I’m campaigning in New Hampshire.”

“Can’t we all agree that we don’t want to see late-term abortions?” she said at another point during the event. “Can’t we agree that there should be more access to contraception?”

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