Ontario Votes Roundup: Ford has a majority and the opposition is in shambles

Doug Ford strikes in a liberal tone. Big Blue Collar Machine. Andrea Horvath and Steven Del Duca went into the exit phase.

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Alex Bautillier: Getting a majority is one thing. It is another thing to win a majority and see its two main rivals resign.

The resignations of Andrea Horvath and Steven Del Duca were the cherry on top of Doug Ford’s election night Sunday, with the PC easily securing another four years of majority rule in Ontario. Smiles swept across the Toronto Congress Center in Etobicoke on Thursday night after Granthshala News took just 11 minutes to announce Ford’s victory.


What shocked me—and perhaps just because I spend too much time thinking about the federal Conservative Party—was Ford’s victory speech. After thanking opposition leaders by name, Ford talked about how his proudest achievement as leader of the PC Party was expanding the party’s base, welcoming those who had previously voted for Tories. and making people feel at…