Ontario’s right to disconnect act has kicked in. Experts say it’s good ‘in theory’ 

While Ontario’s right to disconnect law sounds like a good idea, experts say it’s important to inspect the practice’s impact on employee well-being and its practical application in the workplace before considering a whole-Canadian approach.

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according to employment standards act2000, Vol. 21.1.1The right to disconnect refers to “not engaging in work-related communications, including sending or reviewing emails, telephone calls, video calls or other messages in order to be exempt from the performance of the work”.

This law came into force in Ontario from June 3.


According to Bassam Gohar, a clinical psychologist and assistant professor in the Department of Population Medicine at the University of Guelph, “At face value, it sounds like a really good idea.”

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“There’s a huge amount of burnout in different areas … and the result of burnout is really illness and absenteeism,” Gohar said.

“I think in principle it is a…