Pod-style housing is popping up in California. Could they offer cheaper living in Toronto?

Ever look at a clean-up project in another city and wonder: Can we do it here? Do we? We have too, and as part of an ongoing series we will take ideas from around the world and play them through the lens of Toronto.

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Inside a simple, three-bedroom home in Palo Alto, Calif., an American company is renting out 14 “sleeping pods”—cubelike containers, roughly the size of a twin mattress and four feet high, stacked and a sleek Honeycomb-like bunk beds.

To rent one, it costs $800 US, or $1,000 CAD, a little over a month , Minimum strap length.


The average tenancy is about three months, says co-founder James Stallworth, noting that pods cater to the likes of students, interns at local companies, and academic researchers.

The company, Brownstone Shared Housing, has only two sites so far – one in Palo Alto, and one in Bakersfield, Calif.

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But with some attention to pod setup, Stallworth and his team are now eyeing a detail. He…