Regina city councillors discussing increasing leisure fees for 2023-2024

As inflation makes it more difficult for families to afford groceries or gas, it’s also going to affect Regina vacation fees over the next two years.

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The city of Regina is proposing a two percent increase in vacation fees in 2023 and a three percent increase in 2024.

“Entertainment services are now returning to pre-pandemic levels and the cost of providing entertainment services is rising,” said the Executive Committee’s agenda for September 21, 2022. “As such, the administration is proposing an increase in inflation based on consumer and city price indices.”


He says the proposed fee hike ensures that the level of cost recovery is coming out of the pandemic while minimizing customer impact.

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The fee is expected to generate an additional $675,000 worth of new revenue for the city.

“The recommendations outlined in this report align with the priority of improving the financial stability of the city, to ensure that residents…

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