Ron DeSantis 2024 ad mocked for British accent as Twitter launch event nears – Latest

DeSantis launches 2024 presidential campaign with political video

Ron DeSantis will officially enter the 2024 presidential race on Wednesday after months of speculation.

The Florida governor will take part in a live Twitter event with Elon Musk on Wednesday night, NBC News reports. Later, the campaign will release an official launch video.

On Tuesday night, Casey DeSantis launched her campaign by posting a video of her husband getting ready to go on stage in front of an American flag.

“America is worth fighting for… EVERY. Alone. TIME,” Ms DeSantis tweeted alongside the mass-produced video – although one that has caused some confusion thanks to the use of a British accent in the voiceover.

Mr. DeSantis, 44, is seen as Mr. Trump’s biggest rival for the Republican vote, with many Republican lawmakers and right-wing media rallying behind him after the midterms.

However, the latest polls show Mr DeSantis trailing Mr Trump.

It comes at a time Mr. DeSantis is going to war with Disney and pushing back on an NAACP advisory warning travelers that Florida is “openly hostile” to black people, people of color and LGBT+ people because of its laws. but hostile”.


Will host CNN town hall with GOP candidate Nikki Haley

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley will participate in a live CNN town hall on June 4, the network has announced.

CNN anchor and chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper moderated the event live from Iowa.

The former South Carolina governor is one of a growing field of Republican candidates who will be joined by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis later today.

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What has Elon Musk said so far about the 2024 election?

For years, Elon Musk remained fairly quiet about his political beliefs. He was a registered independent voter in California and claims to have supported Hillary Clinton for President in 2016.

But the days of Mr. Musk keeping his politics quiet are over.

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Why is there a British accent in the DeSantis campaign ad teaser?

joe somerlad Reports on the confused reaction to the inclusion of a British-accented voiceover in a teaser campaign ad for DeSantis 2024 presidential bid.

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Who is David Sachs, the controversial entrepreneur hosting the DeSantis 2024 launch event?

David Sachs, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, will host Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Tesla CEO Elon Musk in an audio chat on Twitter Spaces on Wednesday (May 24), where Mr DeSantis will announce his campaign for 2024 president expected to do.

Mr. Sachs, 50, is a longtime friend of Mr. Musk and a supporter of Mr. DeSantis.

Although Mr Sachs’ name is not as prominent as other tech-industry giants, the entrepreneur has a long history of leading and investing in major companies such as PayPal, Yammer, Facebook, Airbnb and others.

In recent years, Mr Sachs has become a major donor to the political campaigns of individual Republicans such as JD Vance and Mr DeSantis.

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WATCH: Casey DeSantis launches husband’s 2024 campaign

Florida’s first lady posted the video to Twitter on Tuesday night, the day Mr. DeSantis is set to formally announce his campaign at a Twitter event with Elon Musk.

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Trump targets both DeSantis and Fox News

Another Truth Social post about Ron DeSantis this morning also sees former President Donald Trump taking a swipe at Fox News:

I got 1.2 million more votes than Desanctus in Florida. Also, Bill Hemmer at FoxNews just used an old April poll that showed me leading 51% to 25%. Why doesn’t Fox get more up to date polls, 72% to 18%, with the other candidates having very few. Like its 2016!!! That’s why people are leaving FoxNews. PS Without me, Desanctus would have lost Primary and Common. Thank you President Trump!

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Meanwhile, Nikki Haley is campaigning at the Politics & Eggs Breakfast event in New Hampshire. According to Semaphore’s David Weigel, a culture battle line attacking trans woman Dylan Mulvaney reportedly failed to land.

Weigel noted that this is a non-partisan event and the GOP base is not a mob.

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Everything Elon Musk Has Said About the 2024 Election As Ron DeSantis Prepares to Launch the Bid

For years, Elon Musk remained fairly quiet about his political beliefs. He was a registered independent voter in California and claims to have supported Hillary Clinton for President in 2016.

But the days of Mr. Musk keeping his politics quiet are over.

Since the start of Covid-19, Mr Musk has become increasingly vocal about his right-wing politics – railing against Covid restrictions and work-from-home policies, urging people to support Republicans in the midterm elections, Being accused of tweeting antisemitic statements, and providing a platform to Tucker Carlson.

On Wednesday, Mr Musk will reportedly make his most direct foray into the 2024 presidential election, when he is expected to help Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis launch his campaign. NBC News first reported the collaboration.

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Trump Unloads on ‘Disloyal’ DeSantis in Truth Social Rant on Governor’s 2024 Announcement Day

In a remarkable moment of restraint, Donald Trump waited until this morning to lash out at Ron DeSantis despite breaking news yesterday afternoon that the Florida governor would announce his 2024 run this evening during a Twitter Live event with Elon Musk.

Here’s what the former president had to say about Mr. DeSantis (lots of which he’s said before…):

Look, Rob de Sanctimonius came to me asking for help. He was losing by 31 points to popular Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam. He was getting ready to drop out of the race – ran a terrible campaign! Ron told me he had one last chance, my support and encouragement, which Poonam and everyone else wanted as well. I passed it to Ron, and the race was over. He went from losing badly to winning a lot in one day. With 3 big Trump rallies, he pulled off an upset and won the general election. Bewafa!!!

Ron DeSanctus can’t win the general election (or get the nomination) because he voted to eliminate Social Security, even voting to raise the minimum age to 70 (or more!), Had voted for badly wounded medical, and worked hard and voted for it. A 23% “tax on everything” sales tax. He was, and is, a disciple of the awesome Rino Paul Ryan, and too many others to mention. Furthermore, he is in dire need of a personality implant and to the best of my knowledge, they are not yet medically available. A treacherous person!

I built the greatest economy in the history of the world, no inflation, energy independence, and soon dominance, strongest border ever, record best employment numbers, biggest tax and regulation cuts, rebuilding our military, Russia/ No war with Ukraine or China/Taiwan (or anywhere!), and the United States was respected around the world! What else can I say?

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