Ron DeSantis mocks bizarre video of laughs

Ron DeSantis has been mocked for a bizarre video showing him roaring with laughter at an Iowa car show.

The governor of Florida, who is expected to announce soon that he is taking on Donald Trump for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, was caught on video cracking up at the Fenestra Family Picnic event last weekend.

During an appearance in Sioux Center, Iowa, DeSantis asked a man at the event how much a 1955 Porsche was worth.

“Uh, we won’t even talk about that,” replied the man. that saw Republicans hopeful Throw your head back and howl with obvious amusement.

Mr DeSantis’ over-the-top reaction in the viral clip saw him widely ridiculed online.

“You’ve seen the pictures, but the video is way worse,” the anti-Trump political group tweeted. Lincoln Project,

And another user added: “The timing is off too. Looks like the DeSantis AI started laughing before the guy could finish his answer.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Such a weird, weird, stingy, meatball of a man…”, while another user compared him to “a flawed robot from Westworld”.

“Ron DeSantis is living proof that artificial intelligence still has a long way to go before it can accurately replicate an authentic human laugh,” tweeted Mrs Betty Bowers, a character created by comic Daven Green. Did.

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