Speaker kicks Tory MP out of Commons during PMQs: ‘I’ve warned you before’

A furious Lindsay Hoyle kicked a Tory MP out of the House of Commons during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, saying: “I’m not taking it.”

The Commons speaker – apparently angered by the shouting from the government benches – asked Peterborough MP Paul Bristow to leave the chamber just four minutes into the proceedings.

Mr Hoyle had already twice halted proceedings in the first three minutes of PMQs to ask MPs to stop shouting during an exchange between Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Labor leader Keir Starmer.

“Order, order. Mr. Bristow, I think you’re leaving. I’m asking you to leave now, because I’ll call your name.”

“I’m not eating it, and I warned you before. It’s the same people,” he said.

Turning to the opposition benches, he said: “And it will be the same on this side”.

Threatening to “name” an MP is parliamentary language for formally disciplining a politician – which could result in their suspension.

Mr Bristow left the chamber to cheers and chants of “goodbye” from those on the opposition benches.

Sir Lindsay’s spokesman later said: “After the clamor for PMQs began, the Speaker asked Paul Bristow to leave the chamber saying that if not he would name him. Mr Bristow left voluntarily and so the Speaker No formal power was exercised by the

Mr Bristow worked as a lobbyist before becoming an MP in 2019 and now sits on the Commons health select committee.

He later told reporters: “I got a little over-excited.”

The Commons speaker earlier criticized MPs for shouting during the debate, saying it reflected poorly on parliamentary proceedings and was unpopular with the public.

Earlier this month he vented his anger at Business Secretary Cammy Badenoch, asking her: “Do you think you’re speaking up?” After giving an apparently dismissive response to his concerns about the government’s approach to dealing with Parliament.


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