U.S. likely added 187,000 jobs in January, but watch out for this wild card

The creation of new U.S. jobs likely slowed in January for the sixth month in a row, but a historically tight labor market has shown lots of resilience even as the economy weakens. But how long can it last? Here’s what to watch in the January employment report on Friday morning, including a potential wild … Read more

U.S job openings climb to 11 million at end of 2022. Labor market too strong for Fed

The numbers: Job openings in the U.S. rose to a five-month high of 11 million in December, a sign the labor market is still extremely tight despite a slowing economy and more layoffs in some sectors such as high tech. Job listings increased from 10.4 million in December, the Labor Department said Wednesday. The number of … Read more

Don’t have a 401(k)? This is the retirement program your state may adopt 

Workers lacking a 401(k) may not be without a retirement plan for long — more states are adopting programs in an effort to improve Americans’ retirement security.  Only about half of the workforce has access to a 401(k), according to AARP, leaving many without an easy, efficient and — possibly most important—automatic way to save … Read more

The industries where jobs are most at risk of layoffs in 2023

Tech and media layoffs have gotten the most headlines lately. But combined, the two high-profile industries account for only about 5% of U.S. employment, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Other industries are also cutting jobs, including the auto industry, manufacturing and financial services. Unemployment is expected to deepen as the Fed slows the economy in a … Read more

Tyre Nichols, George Floyd and police brutality: Time for a public-union reckoning?

As the family of Tyre Nichols endures the release of the video of the young Black man’s fatal traffic stop with Memphis police, and the nation still smarts from the civilian-filmed 2020 murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis cops, a book hitting this week argues it’s time to disband the public labor … Read more

Google’s U.S. layoffs affect nearly 3,000 employees on both coasts, from data scientists to massage therapists

Google parent Alphabet Inc. has slashed nearly 3,000 jobs in California and New York as part of its recently announced layoffs, cutting a broad range of positions, from data scientists to massage therapists. The biggest cuts were at Google’s GOOGL, -2.54% GOOG, -2.50% multiple offices in Mountain View, Calif., the search giant’s Silicon Valley headquarters. … Read more

GoFundMe campaigns are raising money to help older Walmart workers retire. ‘This is not a feel-good story, this is about the failure of our retirement system.’

GoFundMe campaigns have been raising piles of cash for older Walmart workers who want to retire — but the heartwarming stories about sudden windfalls mask a dark reality about economic security and growing old in America, say retirement experts. “This is not a feel-good story, this is about the failure of our retirement system,” said … Read more

Here’s more bad news if you’ve been laid off and you’re looking for work

As if losing your job wasn’t terrible enough… Mass layoffs across tech, social media and digital news outlets over the past few months have sent tens of thousands of Americans on the job hunt. But now the Federal Trade Commission is warning that scammers are fine-tuning their approaches to take advantage of people looking for … Read more

Here’s how much time commuting takes out of the average worker’s day — and what remote workers do with all that extra time

As more employers tell their white-collar workers to show up at the office more often, a new study shows the time costs of those commutes to and from the job. Working from home saves an average 72 minutes daily, and a good chunk of the time that would otherwise be spent in cars or public … Read more