At 55 years old, I will have worked for 30 years — what are the pros and cons of retiring at that age? 

Dear MarketWatch,  I currently own one home, no mortgage with rental income. I own another home that will be paid off the year I turn 55. Both valued at $750,000.  I have a 401(k) and other stocks and investments totaling another $750,000. My debt will be all paid by the year I turn 55.   I … Read more

14 dividend stocks that rose 100% or more in 5 years as the payouts doubled

In basketball, a double-double is a combination of at least 10 or more of the following in a game: points scored, rebounds, assists, blocked shots or steals. For dividend stocks, you might find a screen of double-doubles below to be fascinating. The screen of the S&P 500 SPX highlights dividend-paying companies that have at least … Read more

Our food may be giving us Alzheimer’s disease, new research says

Our Western diet of sugars, salt, refined carbs and bad fats has been linked to higher risks of heart disease and diabetes, liver disease, strokes and multiple types of cancer. It is the lead cause of an obesity epidemic that is killing an estimated 300,000 Americans a year as well as costing the health system … Read more

My 84-year-old brother has dementia. Would his guardian be able to sell the home I co-own with him?

Dear Harry,  My 84-year-old brother lives alone. We believe he has dementia and he has had repeated hospitalizations. He refuses to move to a nursing home. Currently the hospital is in the process of getting him assessed for capacity and petitioning a judge to appoint a professional guardian. I live in another state and have … Read more

Who’s going to care for you if you get dementia? And how will you afford it?

If you’re worried about getting old, you’re probably not worrying enough. Yes, that’s a dismal way to begin. But for people in their 60s and up who fear a future dementia diagnosis, grim statistics abound. An estimated 13.8 million people in the U.S. could have Alzheimer’s disease by 2060, compared with 6.5 million today. And that’s just the … Read more

Moderna’s stock hit as flu-vaccine trial fails on one target. Meanwhile, China declares victory over COVID.

Moderna Inc.’s stock slid 5% Friday after the COVID vaccine maker said a trial of a flu-vaccine candidate that uses the same technology as its COVID shot had mixed results and failed to meet one of its goals. The Phase 3 trial involved 6,102 adults ages 18 and over across Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Panama and … Read more

Older workers are a blessing — not a curse

The U.S. economy is performing better than expected with inflation pressures moderating even as 517,000 jobs were added in January and the unemployment rate fell to 3.4%. The unemployment rate for workers 55 years and older dropped from 2.7% in December 2022 to 2.3% in January 2023. That said, there is an underlying unease in … Read more

The pros and cons of hospital-at-home

A couple of months before my father died, he fell. While no bones were broken, the fall catalyzed a series of events that included hospitalization, a blood transfusion and permanent damage to his right leg. One day he could walk, albeit slowly and not quite steadily. A week later, the doctor told us it was … Read more

‘I will work until I die’ — I’m 74, have little money saved and battle medical issues. ‘I want to retire so I can have a few years to enjoy life.’

Dear MarketWatch,  I appreciate you putting my sad predicament In your column. Somehow I have failed not taking care of myself. I have spent my money on helping my family and was never able to save anything. The two episodes of cancers took me down quite a bit. I’m 74 years old and must continue … Read more

This couple got married at a gas station for $986 and loved every minute and NBA All-Star Chris Paul on the most important thing to look for when investing

Hi, MarketWatchers. Don’t miss these top stories. ‘A historic day of progress’: Spain becomes first European country to provide menstrual leave Minister of Equality Irene Montero called the new law ‘historic’ for feminist rights. Read More Would you spend $30,000 on a wedding? This couple got married at a gas station for $986 — and … Read more