Gunfire violation adds to violations near end of Sudan truce

Gunfire erupted in Sudan’s capital on Sunday, involving ceasefire violations that the United States and Saudi mediators said significantly hindered the delivery of aid needed to enable it. The post Gunfire linked to breach near end of violated Sudan truce appeared first on The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria & World News.

British man released in Sudan shot by sniper before wife dies of starvation

Receive your free Morning Headlines email with news from our reporters around the world Sign up for our FREE Morning Headlines email An 85-year-old British national was shot in Sudan before his wife died of starvation after being left behind in the country. The family of Abdullah Sholgami and his 80-year-old wife, Alweya Rishwan, who … Read more

Sudan refugees seek safety in Egypt amid challenges


Sudan refugees seek safety in Egypt amid challenges agency report Sudanese fleeing fighting at home have faced many obstacles, from scorching heat to foot-dragging war profiteers and bureaucracy, but there has also been help from strangers on the long road to safety in Egypt. Some refugees waiting at the border did not have passports. Others … Read more

US warns over ceasefire violations in Sudan | The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and the world news

The United States warned Sudan’s warring parties on Thursday after violating a ceasefire negotiated by Washington with Saudi Arabia. The State Department acknowledged that a monitoring group established after talks in Jeddah that led to the declaration of a week-long ceasefire had detected the use of artillery, drones and military aircraft, as well as fighting … Read more

War: 1m displaced in Sudan

DPA/NAN The number of people displaced by conflict between rival military groups in Sudan rose to more than one million on Wednesday. This is according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) of the United Nations. Another 319,000 people have fled to neighboring countries, the IOM said, with Sudan’s northern neighbor Egypt taking in the … Read more

Reps ask Nigerian universities to absorb Sudan return students – Royal Times of Nigeria.

The House of Representatives is asking tertiary institutions in Nigeria to admit students affected by the Sudan crisis. The resolution was passed following a resolution of urgent public importance moved by Sada Soli today. It would be recalled that the civil war in Sudan has resulted in the evacuation of thousands of Nigerian students from … Read more

Sudan conflict: Warring factions agree to seven-day ceasefire – Royal Times of Nigeria.

A temporary ceasefire has been agreed in Sudan as fighting between the two warring factions has entered its sixth week. According to a US-Saudi statement, the new deal will be implemented by a “ceasefire monitoring mechanism”. The United States and Saudi Arabia, which sponsored peace talks in Jeddah, said a ceasefire would go into effect … Read more