Texas School Shooting: Call Recording Shows 10-Year-Old Tried To Save Teacher, Says Report

Texas School Shooting: Call Recording Shows 10-Year-Old Tried To Save Teacher, Says Report

The Texas school massacre was one of the worst mass shootings in the US.

A 10-year-old tried to save one of the teachers at Rob Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, as a teenager rained bullets on a classroom full of students. Khloie Torres was one of the students who saw the wounded woman, according to a New York Times report about newly revealed 911 call.

“There is a lot of bodies,” Torres told a 911 dispatcher, according to NYT report, while locked inside a classroom.

“I don’t want to die, my teacher is dead, my teacher is dead, please send help, send help for my teacher, she is shot but still alive,” the student further said, according to the report.

The call was logged at 12:10 pm, 37 minutes after the shooter began shooting inside the classrooms and 40 minutes before cops breached the classroom door and killed the shooter.

Khloie was one of the two students who called 911 from inside the two adjoining classrooms where the gunman – 18-year-old Salvador Ramos – was holed up. Twenty one people were killed in one of the worst mass shooting incidents in American history, 19 of them students.

The police are facing intense criticism from parents of the children as well as other people for their response to the shooting last Tuesday. The Texas Rangers and the United States Justice Department have stated they won’t be able to draw conclusive conclusions until all interviews have been completed and all video and other information has been examined, the New York Times reported.

Officers from at least 14 agencies arrived to the location but did not enter the classrooms, despite the fact that continuous shooting could be heard inside and 911 calls started arriving from youngsters inside.