This millennial has $100,000 in savings and wants to leave Toronto to buy a cheaper house. With help from parents, is it possible?

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At 30, Vanessa and her boyfriend are ready to take their relationship to the next level after 12 years of dating: They want to buy a house.


But like many other millennials and young people trapped in the Greater Toronto Area’s hot housing market, both are wondering if it’s even possible.

“We’ve saved about $100,000 in total, and we’ll get help from our parents,” Vanessa said.

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Still, they know they have to be realistic. After renting a detached one-bedroom condo in the downtown core — paying more and more each year — they know they’ll have to leave town to buy a home.

“Although we will miss the city, we want to start a family,” shared Vanessa. “After seeing all these properties, my boyfriend and I realized we had to find more space.”

The couple is working with a real estate agent and have seen a few…