Toronto police to lift mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy

More than 100 Toronto police personnel who have been denied vaccination against COVID-19 will be allowed to return to work later this month, when the force announced on Wednesday that it would extend its internal vaccine mandate to June 21. effective from.

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The move ends a controversial policy that, while almost universally praised by medical experts, still splits police service officers from the union that represents rank and file officers on the force.

On Wednesday, that association, the Toronto Police Association, drew cautious praise for the decision, even as some experts warned it was coming too soon.


“While many in the city think that COVID-19 is a thing of the past, in reality it is not. We are still seeing people getting sick and we are still seeing people dying,” Dr. Naheed Dosani, health equity lead at Kensington Health in Toronto. “So the concern that previously existed is still there: How will this affect the people who interact with…