‘Trying to make something beautiful,’ the long road to hope after tragedy in London

Saboor Khan is hoping to find some solace this weekend when he helps make his best friend’s dreams come true by giving the kids a community space to laugh and play.

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Khan and Salman Afzal were kind souls who often spoke about the changing needs of the Muslim community in London, Ont.

The men and their wives were close, thinking of each other as family, and shared many dinners and laughs together. But what they shared most, Khan says, were ideas about how to make the next generation’s lives better.


“Our children need more,” Khan recalled Afzal. “They don’t just need spiritual places, they need athletic places, they need social spaces.”

A year after Afzal and his family members died in what police called a hate attack, the venue will come to life, with a gym dedicated to him and his loved ones.

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“My brother and my sister, they left us, but I’ve been able to do something to be present with them in some way,” Khan says,…