U.S. advocates say they need more men’s voices in fight to preserve abortion rights

If Donovan Atterberry thought about abortion as a young man, it was probably with some vague discomfort, or the memory of anti-abortion protesters outside the clinic, that he would pass on going to the park as a child. .

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It became real for him in 2013, when his girlfriend, now his wife, became pregnant with their first child. She had a healthy pregnancy before her stepdaughter, but this time genetic testing found a fatal chromosomal disorder in the developing fetus that could potentially result in her life being put at risk during labor.

“As a man, I didn’t know how to console him, how to counsel him,” recalls Atterberry, 32. “I said, ‘If I had to choose, I would choose you.’ … it wasn’t about whether I believed in abortion or I didn’t believe in abortion. I was thinking about her life at the time.”

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She chose to terminate the pregnancy and “it changed my whole perspective … on bodily autonomy and things…