U.S. spy agencies reviewing own intelligence mistakes in Russian war on Ukraine

In a private briefing to US intelligence officials weeks before Russia launched its offensive in late February, the question was raised: Was Ukraine’s leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, cast in the mold of Britain’s Winston Churchill or Afghanistan’s Ashraf Ghani?

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In other words, will Zelensky lead a historic resistance or run away when his government falls?

Ultimately, US intelligence agencies underestimated Zelensky and Ukraine, underestimating Russia and its president, even though they had accurately predicted that Vladimir Putin would order an invasion.


But Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, did not decline in a matter of days, as the United States expected. And while US spy agencies have been credited with supporting Ukraine’s resistance, they now face bipartisan pressure to review what they did wrong in the past – especially their mistakes in judging Afghanistan last year. After.

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Intelligence officials have begun a review of how…